It is a sad story when our pet dogs become sick and unable to move. Sometimes, we are not contented that we will just take care of them and give medicine. We usually send them to the vet and give them proper medication. All of the dog and even other animal’s owner should learn the basic precautionary measure to save the lives of their pets. Dogs are not like humans that can be eaten a lot of table foods. Their stomach and body are very sensitive to a lot of toxins and even to the stimulants. It is hard to diagnosed by an ordinary person if his or her dog is poisoned or not. If ever that your dog is suffering from this, you need to get to know what things should you do first. Especially, if vet is not yet available in your place or there is not open hospital for animals. CO paws treat dogs can be reached through internet.

If you are experiencing this kind of situation, you should know first the kind of toxin and foods that you gave to them. Or the last time you gave him something to drink. Some animals inhaled some poisonous gases and maybe it contacted to their fur and skin and even to their nose.

If you don’t know so much about the cause of it, try to call the attention of the animal clinic or doctor there to make sure that they can go to your house immediately. If they are not answering the call, you need to do an action and that is to go as fast as you can to the veterinary clinic to cure them quickly. Don’t give them anything or something as it may trigger the cause of the toxic object to their body. If your canine pet is still doing ok even if she or he has taken that toxic food, then you can ask for some advice coming from the expert and professional people only. Try to observe the movement and even the actions. If there is something weird or not normal to your pet, then report it immediately.

You need to secure a lot of things and documents ahead of time. It doesn’t mean that if your dog is looking healthy you won’t consider him or her to send to the vet for monthly check-ups. Even your dog is not ill or having any kinds of symptoms of diseases, still you need to pay attention in visiting your local vet doctor.

In order for you not to be worried about your dog’s condition in the future, you should remove and keep away all the poisonous things from them. Don’t give them foods that could start some sickness and diseases to them. Make sure that you give them water to drink every time. If you let your pets walk in the morning or afternoon. Make sure that they don’t lick or eat anything on the street. These could be harmful to them.

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